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Ablekid E-mail

SoundCloud: Ablekid

We would like to welcome Ablekid from Austin, USA to our array of artists,  he is a well and truly "Ablekid" when it comes to producing progressive house.

Daniel Moore a.k.a. Ablekid, received his introduction to EDM in 1989 at the tender  age of 15 when he attended Visage Nightclub in Orlando for the first time. It was a pretty gothic dance scene but Industrial was turning into Techno quickly back then. The in 1991 he went to Aahz......

"If they only heard about it and didn't see it then there's no way in a million years that they'll ever be able to understand," - Kimball Collins @ Aahz Nightclub. These special nights along with even more special music laid the seeds for the future that was to come.

It was not until early 1999 that he decided it was time to pick up a set of 1200's and learn to dj.   Within a year so he was playing several shows alongside some big names in the Florida scene, gaining some respect as a dj.  Danny hosted a weekly internet radio show based out of the Drop Shop in Orlando for three years, allowing him to stay close to the pulse of the Orlando club scene for years to come.

Djing is the basis for all of this, but he was all the while sharpening his production skills behind various DAW's thru the years. Early Acid, Friuty Loops, Reason, etc. were used until the emergence of Ableton Live and a true love of music making was born.  Ever since then Danny has shifted all of his music productions, multisample production, Live sets and dj mixes to Ableton Live, making for some truly unbelievable song combinations and effects driven programming live on stage. Ablekid's music has bee heard all over the world.  His early era House influences are ever-present in all of his productions, combining for some highly emotive yet next level productions.