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Genoveva E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Genoveva Kachurkova from Skopje, Macedonia. Genoveva has teamed up with Alveol from Sweden to produce two gorgeous tracks soon to be released on Kindred Recordings featuring six unique remixes from KR's inhouse artists.

Visit Genoveva's SoundCloud for further information :)

Simon Bryant E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Simon Bryant from Kent in the UK. Having come from a musical family, it is no surprise that Simon has entered into the music scene himself. From learning the violin through most of his childhood, at the age of 18 Simon's already ridiculously broad taste of music led him to begin producing ambient tracks under the guise 'Aconcagua' after being involved in several bands as a bass guitarist for around 7 years.

At the beginning of 2006, Simon was so in love with the sound of EDM, in particular with trance at the time, that he decided to hang up the guitars and begin DJing. After a year, Simon was appearing at local clubs all over local scene before securing bookings in London's smaller clubs and more intimate venues. He then went on to appear at clubs all over the UK from Bournemouth to Birmingham over the next year or so before landing a residency for london house night Strawberry Sessions which also led him to perform at the famous Ministry of Sound.

Cubosity E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Cubosity aka J. Feldman from San Francisco, CA. After hearing Universal Solution's fantastic remix of Josh's  "Magnetic", we discovered Josh's  own breathtaking work and decided that we should release a remix EP.

J. Feldman has been creating future-forward dance music since 1991. Born, raised and currently based in San Francisco, CA, his influences range from New Order, Everything But the Girl, Kraftwerk, John Barry, Eurythmics and Blue Six to Yagya. His original music has been featured in a variety of motion graphic projects and in the video game Havoc. He's been profiled in the New York Times and has been recognized by Wired Magazine. His latest project is Cubosity: atmospheric house music with meaningful lyrics, featuring the vocals of M. Walls.

Arsevty E-mail

AsevtryWe would like to welcome Arsevty from Orenburg, Russia, to our array of artists. Arsevty recently sent us a demo, we were very impressed by his work and noticed his special talent for atmospheric deep progressive house.

Arsevty is one of those DJs and composers who are imbued with the spirit of adventure, fun and a fantastic love of music! Arsevty began his career in, Orenburg in 2011. It was there, his first listeners appeared, while he cultivated his main direction: progressive house, trance. He performed in clubs in Orenburg: Vual, Pierre Diamond. His mixes give birth to a crowd at after parties, which was remembered by everyone for its atmosphere.  He now writes spatial compositions that take their plunge into the world!

Merimell E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome our first female dj & producer who has developed her own unique techno orientated style.

Born in Tartu, a city in South-Estonia, she is the only acknowledged female techno DJ in Estonia at the moment. She has learned to play instruments like guitar, violin, drums and piano, played in a chime orchestra, sang in choirs and performed at small events.

At some point she realised that something is missing – so the road took her to underground places, where she fell in love with techno.
Immediately she knew her call and began to learn tech-house, techno, minimal and more progressive styles. Merimell has also won the first price at the South-Estonian Young DJs Festival (2009) and the 3rd price at Ravecast DJ Contest 2010.

Patrick Eden E-mail

Patrick EdenPatrick Eden aka Patrick Kutzlebe was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1977. In 1992, he began listening to electronic music, then in 1997 he came into contact with the DJ scene and played at various parties. His former musical direction in those days was orientated around breakbeat and jungle, then In 2003 he joined the "es/160" DJ team from Leipzig.

He performed several gigs as a live act together with Marcus Masuhr, their music ranged from hard techno to minimal with a few melodic parts,
unfortunately Patrick encountered many obstacles in his musical career and was forced to leave it all behind.

He currently resides in Erfurt since 2008 and founded a family with his girfriend Christine and son Ferry.

Kogyo E-mail

KogyoMike Mihaylov is a deep and ambient related music producer working under the pseudonym Kogyo, living in Austria. His unique deep ambient dub tech sound will be released on Kindred Recordings in the form of  a full album and will be available on CD as well as digital formats in the near future. He had his first contacts with music as a child. Mike attended years of private lessons and learned to play several analog and electronic instruments.

Mike has played in a teenage band (singer, keyboards) and also spent a long time in the  school orchestra. He was an avid listener of Jean Michel Jarre, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Supermax. After a long artistic break, he began 2010 with his passion to make music, inspired from deep techno, ambient and dubtechno. Kogyo loves to experiment with synthesizers, filters and sounds, presenting new moods and soundscapes by combining various elements in his works. Music is his passion.

Ablekid E-mail

SoundCloud: Ablekid

We would like to welcome Ablekid from Austin, USA to our array of artists,  he is a well and truly "Ablekid" when it comes to producing progressive house.

Daniel Moore a.k.a. Ablekid, received his introduction to EDM in 1989 at the tender  age of 15 when he attended Visage Nightclub in Orlando for the first time. It was a pretty gothic dance scene but Industrial was turning into Techno quickly back then. The in 1991 he went to Aahz......

"If they only heard about it and didn't see it then there's no way in a million years that they'll ever be able to understand," - Kimball Collins @ Aahz Nightclub. These special nights along with even more special music laid the seeds for the future that was to come.

Eduy E-mail

EduyFacebook: Eduy Soundcloud: Eduy

We would like to welcome Eduy from Bosnia : )

Edis Mehmedović a.k.a. Eduy is a Bosnian producer, dj and remixer based in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been into electronic music for 10 years now, first as a dj in local clubs and later grew into a passionate producer. His music is signed by different record houses and a few more releases are coming out very soon. Eduy has also made a few outstanding remixes for different record houses showing deep tendency for originality.

Progressive and tech house are the styles that Eduy likes to create and combine,  his production is unique and shows a musical deepness which only a truly artistic mind can create. One can hear strong tech elements in his music fulfilled with gentle house tunes that together create endless possibilities of Eduy's musical production. Eduy has played with many DJs. He spends a lot of time creating new music where he sees success.

Haik Solar & Arni Rock E-mail

Haik Solar & Arni RockWebsite: Haik Solar & Arni Rock Facebook: Haik Solar
Facebook: Arni Rock

We would like to welcome  Haik Solar & Arni Rock from Armenia, they have coproduced a great vocal progressive house track with Leon Gris which is to be released soon.

Arni Rock (Vahe Akhperjanyan) - started studying DJing in 2001. It was a time when he decided to take his  love of electronic music to the new level. After playing at some parties he decided to continue his career as a DJ when  he will be able to mix not only the music of famous artists  but also his own creations. By that time the first female DJ in Armenia, Dj Vakcina had already noticed him and invited him to be a guest DJ on her weekly radio show "Club Time  with DJ Vakcina".

Starting from 2005 till present days Arni  Rock is representing his electronic music sets on radio: at  first on Radio Hay (105.5 FM) and present days Nor Radio  (90.3 FM).

Leon Gris E-mail

Leon GrisWebsite: Leon Gris Facebook: Leon Gris

We would like to welcome Leon Gris from Armenia, he has coproduced a great vocal progressive house track with Haik Solar & Arni Rock which is to be released soon.

Leon Gris is one of the most promising and requested DJs in Armenia who has a unique taste of music, which is confirmed by veterans of the Armenian club industry and international DJs. He started listening to Club music back in the late 90s, since 2003 he began to actively monitor the development in this direction, and in 2007 started his professional career as a DJ. He is one of the founders of the promo groups "New Glance" and "Space Energy".

In 2009, during the ceremony Geometria Awards (Yerevan), received the prize from the project "Geometria.ru'' the breakthrough of the year.

Josspad E-mail

JosspadWe would like to welcome Josspad, he has aquired a nice deep Detroit techno sound for all to hear very shortly.

Since the end of the 80s, Josspad ties a fusional passion with electronic music and more particularly with all the atmospheric tones inspired by Detroit and the sound dub of the label mythical Basic Channel of Berlin.

Nevertheless, his first vynil  will be a house track tinged with tones of TB303 " phuture / inside out " of DJ Pierre on the strickly rythm label, bought at bpm records, Paris in 1993. It will be the first one of a long collection mixing Chicago house and classics from Warp, Peacefrog,Fnac, R&S labels or even still Detroit’s Transmat.

Barce E-mail

BarceIt gives us great pleasure to welcome Barce from Palma de Mallorca in Spain. He has developed his own deep techno style groove, which he will be sharing with us very soon.

Luis Barceló was born on September 25, 1984. He grew up listening to 70's Rock and classical music that his father had instilled in him. Little by little he expanded his horizons, in this case influenced by his friends and his own instincts, while he finished his studies in audiovisual production.

Dimitri From Paris was the first DJ who made an impresion on him, and was slowly discovering the Disco music, Funk, House and therefore the Deep, Soul and Techno. This last gender, awoke a huge passion in him, more notably through the feeling that he discovered in the melodies of Vince Watson. You could say that the two cities which have made an impresion on electronic musica are Chicago and Detroit.

Kelias E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Kelias, he's just finished a spectacular remix of Kindred's Innovat3 "Electrotrash", which will be released in the near future.

Originally from Paris, Kelias discovered a passion for DJing from a very early age when he ran a series of raids on his mother's vinyl collection! Around the age of 15 he acquired his first turntables and turned to hip hop and more particularly to the "turntablism." A few years later he made his debut alongside DJ Hitch and JILL in DMC France who taught him the art of scratching ...

But it was in early 2000 that the "Electro" click "occurs in passing the gates of Amnesia (Cap d'Agde) a true temple of house music in the south of France, with the master the decks Philippe B (twistmydj ). From that moment Kelias has only one idea in mind: TO DANCE!

Alessio Arcangeli E-mail

Alessio ArcangeliIt gives us great pleasure to welcome Alessio Arcangeli from Italy.

Over the past 10 years Alessio has been making sounds in every possible way: playing both white and black notes of a piano, slapping bass strings, creating beats, spinning records as well as working as a radio speaker and dj.

His style ranges from the deepest shades of house to the funky and jazzy grooves he’s always been loving. Matter of fact his music has been supported by the likes of King Britt, Funk D’Void, Ashley Beedle, The Timewriter, Francesco Farfa, Satoshi Fumi and Steve Mill to name but a few.

Alveol E-mail


We would like to welcome Alveol aka Ludvig Cimbrelius from Sweden to Kindred Recordings.

Ludvig Cimbrelius has been quietly developing a catalog of beautifully expressive electronic compositions for over a decade. Currently residing in the woods of Höör, the Swedish native has been making an unprecedented impression with his modest delivery and heartfelt execution.

His ambient moniker Purl was the first to surface in 2008 with a 10″ release on Phisteria, but it’s been the work of Alveol garnering the most recent attention. With a debut in 2010 on renown imprint Mule Electronic, appearances on 26 Tea Drops International and a full length release on Lovezone Records, Alveol’s definitive sound continues to blur the boundaries between ethereal house and techno. Ludvig’s work as Kokong (with Rasmus Alkestrand) provides further insight into the spiritual depth of an artist who is destined to connect with many.

David Oniani E-mail

David OnianiIt gives us great pleasure to welcome David Oniani, he  is 27 years old, born in Dzhezkazgan (Kazakhstan), he now lives in Moscow (Russia) he is a DJ, musician and designer.

He debuted as a DJ s in 2004, his prefered musical styles are Deep House, Soulful house, Chillout ...

In his musical works, he doesn't try to limit himself with a unique direction, instead he branches out in styles such as Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Deep house, Soulful house. In his releases he likes to combine two styles, giving preference to Deep house and Soulful house, while trying to keep his tracks melodic and deep as possible.

Karl&Noise E-mail

Since Karl&Noise discovered computer music he immediately found a passion for musical creation.

He is originally from France, and started to produce at the end of 2007,he focuses his production mainly on Progressive House, electro-french touch, deep house… He has always been involved in producing original mixes and finds his inspiration by listening to great artists such as: Eric prydz,Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Steve angel, College, Mango, Adam K&Soha, Moby, Avicii, Wolfgang Gartner, Thomas Gold, SHM, EDX, Monosurround, The Outrunners, Monosurround, Daft Punk… and many more.

He works mainly with software such as Fl studio and Logic Pro to produce his various genres of music, always inspired to try new styles of music, Karl&Noise is dedicated to becoming well known. He is Waiting for an EP release in early June with the record label "Kindred recordings".

Wiley Webb E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Wiley Webb from Los Angeles, United States.

Although he has been an avid producer for only just over a year, Wiley Webb has advanced quickly by learning and creating at a relentless pace, driven by a passion for both the musical and technical aspects of production. He especially loves the textures of sounds and how tones melodically and rhythmically interact with each other. Now, at the age of 17, he has already achieved a professional and, more importantly, unique sound.

Influenced by a wide variety of genres, Wiley's natural sound seeks to combine the beauty of Progressive with the fun bang of Electro, and thus can be placed in between these two genres.

Jacob Grant E-mail

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Jacob Grant, he is only 14 years old and has been producing since the age of 9.

Born in 1997 in Newcastle Australia, Jacob is a self taught artist and DJ  producing a wide range of  electoronica  music under the house genre. He has been producing music since the age of 9 and since developing his skills and love for music his style has grown in depth.  He has been DJing in local venues for the past 4 years and is inspired by many international artists such as Avicii, The Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz,  Deadmau5,  Tiesto and  Hardwell.

Jacob looks forward to his music growing across his genre and looks forward to the continuous  support of other artists.

Titi Jalba E-mail

Titi JalbaTiti Jalba is a 26 years old producer, olso known as Titi J in Bucharest, Romania.

He spent the last 4 years Producing , Mastering and Dj-ing at private parties and famous clubs. He plays a variety of music from soulful house, deep house, tech house, minimal, chillout. His talent for musical selection creates a nice atmosphere among the crowds; people feel connected one with another dancing altogether in unity under one rhythm.

Titi talks about music like a journey that takes him many places, there is always a new sound waiting to continue an old one. Maybe that’s the reason his work is so melodic and atmospheric.

“At the age of 7 I was playing with an old turntable and when I slept at night I was scratching in my dreams, when I saw the decks later, I knew exactly what I was going to do.”

Leofunk E-mail

LeofunkLeo Pkhakadze a.k.a. Leofunk is originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, he currently resides and produces in Moscow, Russia.

His first steps in music production were taken with the purchase of a vintage Soviet analog synth in the mid 90’s. Greatly influenced by the sound of Warp, Ninja Tune, Droppin’ Science and the likes he starts experimenting with beats’n’pieces, combining the funkiness of the “Great Soul Era” of the 70’s with broken rhythms of  the evolving urban-tech sounds.

In 1998 he gets swept away by Ibiza’s unsurpassed atmosphere for the first time. The White Isle experience leads him to start working on more dance oriented, techno influenced sound.

Mr Rain E-mail

Website: www.rainmusic.de

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Mr Rain, his unique talent in producing deep electronic music will be exposed on the canvas of Kindred Recordings in the near future.

Marco Neutzner known by his stage name "MR RAIN" is a Radio DJ and producer, based in Nordhausen, Thuringia Germany. In the early days of techno, he was inspired by the "Sound of Frankfurt". Marco spent a lot of time to record radio shows like HR3 Clubnight and BFBS Experience.

In 1995, he commenced first steps into tape recording with his first keyboard. Some gigs with his self-made tracks quickly followed.

With the launch of the first local radio station in Nordhausen, he started his first shows. Two hours a week, Marco spins several genres of electronic music. He attended the radio DJ contest "MDR Spuntik" where his mixing abilities were quickly noticed and he came second place in the people's vote.

Bizo E-mail

BizoIt gives us great pleasure to welcome Bizo to Kindred Recordings, we noticed his talent in producing groovy, dark technofied creations that deserve to be exposed.

DJ & Producer (Igor Bizacky) Bizo born and raised in Osijek, Croatia, he has been dj-ing since 1998, and plays techno music at party's in his town and around the country.

Bizo has Shared the deck's with Dj's from all over the world like Kaiserdisco; Nathan Coles, Angel Anx, Paol, Barbatosound Diffusion Jorg W Henze, Massimo, Mango, Gattio, Eric Fisher, Mike van Dyke, Holgy Star, Mady Soul, Valentino Kanziany,Umek,,Marko Nastic,Petar Dundov, Omer,Wee Sheepatz Sly Michael, Venom and many others.......He is currently producing Tech-House and Techno tracks.

The Renegade Of Amstrad E-mail

The Renegade Of AmstradJames Wilkinson Aka "The Renegade of Amstrad" records in his mobile home studio using a combination of digital and analogue to get the best of both worlds. His kit list includes: Logic Pro, NI Kontakt Player, NI Guitar Rig, Korg M1 keyboard and Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 analogue synthesizer.

The Renegade of Amstrad started djing 5 years ago whilst living as an expat in Dubai. His weekly clubnight "Disko Riot" quickly gained reputation as Dubais best alternative dance event.

When returning to Brighton UK he turned his hand to production and his first remix came runner up in the Delphic remix competition for "Doubt".

Now residing in Exeter,Uk he is concentrating on producing a big Progressive/Main Room house sound and is aiming for the big time.

Innovat3 E-mail

Website: Innovat3


We're very pleased to welcome Innovat3 to Kindred, he has just produced a track which we think will literally "destroy" the dancefloors around the globe this summer, watch out for it on KINREC006.

Innovat3 is the latest alias incarnation of Mark de Knoop, a dj / producer hailing from North Eastern Europe in the Netherlands. Innovat3 main focus is on producing Trance / Electro / Progressive house tracks.

He has been active as a dj/producer since 2002, and has been rocking the inhabitants of several countries throughout Europe during the past decade, countries such as ; The Netherlands, Germany  Belgium, France etc..

Universal Solution E-mail

Website: Universal Solution

Universal SolutionWe're very excited to welcome Universal Solution to KR, he has crafted his own unique sound, in fact we are so impressed by the quality of his music we decided he should release an album, it will be our forthcoming release KINREC005.

Universal Solution is the brainchild of Manchester based producer Gavin Holland. His musical creations are typified by warm and deeply atmospheric melodies set to Detroit inspired grooves.

He has been producing electronic music on and off for 20 years in various genres starting at the tender age of 15 with the obligatory Atari ST with just a few sample CDs. It was in these early years attending Megadog and other live Electronica events seeing the likes of Autechre, Orbital, The Orb, Aphex Twin, B12 and Spooky that he became inspired to produce music that challenged conventional boundaries, always delivering emotion and other worldly ambience.

Xaric E-mail

Website: www.djxaric.com


It gives us great pleasure to welcome Xaric, a dj / producer and label manager from the critically acclaimed label Atlant Digital, to Kindred Recordings.

For the last 10 years French Dj and producer Xaric has been producing progressive sounds ranging from house to trance to techno with influences from Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Satoshi Tomiie, and Sander Kleinenberg. His versatility as a dj has stretched from chill out to deep house, tech house to progressive house while performing in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Israel, and Bulgaria to name a few.

Chrys E-mail

Website: www.myspace.com/alakinagroupe

ChrysIt gives us great pleasure to welcome singer & song writer Chrys, to
Kindred Recordings. Chrys is featured on our third release KINREC003,
which will be released in the near future.

Born from a family of musicians, Chrys began her musical career by singing
in Paris clubs playing in a rock band. Her various musical influences are mainly   turned to soul and electro in which she finds the groove of her roots and
the inspiration for songwriting.

This musician, passionate, full of energy is the founder, vocalist and bassist
of the Alakina band for which the release of their first album "Waiting   
for the next world" is being planned for beginning of October 2010. In addition, she has been performing as a professional singer in the last 5 years in special events and private parties.

Occasionally, she features on Boombatcha's Progressive House tracks such as "Bring it on" which was signed in March 2006 on Atlant Digital and soon with "World of Paradise" which was signed in September 2010 on Kindred Recordings.

Boombatcha E-mail

Website:  www.boombatcha.com

BoombatchaChristian Lang, also known as “Boombatcha”, is the founder and label manager of Kindred Recordings. He is originaly from England and has been dj’ing for over 20 years. During this time he has played alongside world class artists such as: Sasha, Dave Seaman, Jimmy Van M, Colin Dale, Dj Remy,  has played at industry leading dance events such as Global Underground, Ministry of Sound tour party, has had releases on highly acclaimed record labels like Sumsonic records, Aenaria recordings and has been resident on Paris’ oldest electronic music radio station, FG 98.2 fm. He has withstood the test of time and his experience has allowed him to develop his own unique identity.

He started his career as a dj in 1989, at college radio and various college parties in Portsmouth, England. In 91, he decided to move to Paris, then at the opening of Eurodisney in 1992 he organized parties for the employees of the park, the memorable « Fog-it-up » parties at the Boule Bleue. After the large success of these parties, he was quickly noticed and started playing for many Parisian clubs and organizers. In 95, he became resident dj on FG 98.2 fm radio for two years and at the Gibus club for a year and a half where he had the opportunity to play alongside dj's such as Dj Remy, Colin Dale, Charlie Hall, Charles Schillings, Dj Roussia, D'Julz, Ministry of Sound tour party etc..