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Eduy E-mail

EduyFacebook: Eduy Soundcloud: Eduy

We would like to welcome Eduy from Bosnia : )

Edis Mehmedović a.k.a. Eduy is a Bosnian producer, dj and remixer based in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been into electronic music for 10 years now, first as a dj in local clubs and later grew into a passionate producer. His music is signed by different record houses and a few more releases are coming out very soon. Eduy has also made a few outstanding remixes for different record houses showing deep tendency for originality.

Progressive and tech house are the styles that Eduy likes to create and combine,  his production is unique and shows a musical deepness which only a truly artistic mind can create. One can hear strong tech elements in his music fulfilled with gentle house tunes that together create endless possibilities of Eduy's musical production. Eduy has played with many DJs. He spends a lot of time creating new music where he sees success.