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Haik Solar & Arni Rock E-mail

Haik Solar & Arni RockWebsite: Haik Solar & Arni Rock Facebook: Haik Solar
Facebook: Arni Rock

We would like to welcome  Haik Solar & Arni Rock from Armenia, they have coproduced a great vocal progressive house track with Leon Gris which is to be released soon.

Arni Rock (Vahe Akhperjanyan) - started studying DJing in 2001. It was a time when he decided to take his  love of electronic music to the new level. After playing at some parties he decided to continue his career as a DJ when  he will be able to mix not only the music of famous artists  but also his own creations. By that time the first female DJ in Armenia, Dj Vakcina had already noticed him and invited him to be a guest DJ on her weekly radio show "Club Time  with DJ Vakcina".

Starting from 2005 till present days Arni  Rock is representing his electronic music sets on radio: at  first on Radio Hay (105.5 FM) and present days Nor Radio  (90.3 FM).

Besides being a guest DJ on radio he now  manages the background music of some cafes' and also  known among people from diaspora as a wedding DJ. Recently he and Apricota (Armenian commercial project)  had  been invited to take part as a guest DJs in an international art festival "Encounters on Borders" hosted in Ijevan.

Haik Solar (Hayk Harutyunyan) - (member of Apricota commercial project) studied music in the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory from 2002-2007, faculty of wind instruments, flute. Although he was learning classical music but by the time he began to show an interest to electronic music as well which in 2006 became  a reason to take DJing classes in school of DJ Groove, Moscow. Returning back to Armenia in the same year he wrote a song for hip-hop/R'n'B band H.A.Y.Q.  "Qami Pchi" which later became the Hit Of The Year and won the award of Armenian Music Awards. Till present days Hayk Harutyunyan is known as a member of "Apricota" project which produces commercial hit music for Armenian music industry and at the same time taking part at parties as a guest DJ. You can get acquainted their other works on their website: