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Universal Solution E-mail

Website: Universal Solution

Universal SolutionWe're very excited to welcome Universal Solution to KR, he has crafted his own unique sound, in fact we are so impressed by the quality of his music we decided he should release an album, it will be our forthcoming release KINREC005.

Universal Solution is the brainchild of Manchester based producer Gavin Holland. His musical creations are typified by warm and deeply atmospheric melodies set to Detroit inspired grooves.

He has been producing electronic music on and off for 20 years in various genres starting at the tender age of 15 with the obligatory Atari ST with just a few sample CDs. It was in these early years attending Megadog and other live Electronica events seeing the likes of Autechre, Orbital, The Orb, Aphex Twin, B12 and Spooky that he became inspired to produce music that challenged conventional boundaries, always delivering emotion and other worldly ambience. Further exposure to the club scene in particular DJs such as Dave Seamen, Sasha and Nick Warren his music became more infused with a more progressive house feel. This culminated in his first release under the Universal Solution moniker in 2003 on London label Electric Soul entitled the Litmus EP. This gained much critical acclaim with a healthy 4/5 stars in both Mixmag and DJ Magazine with much support from tech house DJs such as Colin Dale and Jimpster.

Work commitments meant a break from music production until this last year with a return to production and wealth of new and varied material. With fresh inspiration from artists such as Shur-i-kan, Funk D'Void, Rasmus Faber and other deep house producers his sound has continued to deliver a deep tech house feel but with trademark warm ambience. He also hails Tom Middleton and his various musical guises as the single most influential guiding light in the development of the sound of Universal Solution.

Plans for Universal Solution include new releases on Kindred and groundbreaking live performances and DJ sets in the Summer of 2011.