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Wiley Webb E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Wiley Webb from Los Angeles, United States.

Although he has been an avid producer for only just over a year, Wiley Webb has advanced quickly by learning and creating at a relentless pace, driven by a passion for both the musical and technical aspects of production. He especially loves the textures of sounds and how tones melodically and rhythmically interact with each other. Now, at the age of 17, he has already achieved a professional and, more importantly, unique sound.

Influenced by a wide variety of genres, Wiley's natural sound seeks to combine the beauty of Progressive with the fun bang of Electro, and thus can be placed in between these two genres.

However, he by no means limits himself to one sound, however unique it may be, and still indulges in forays into full-on Progressive (like his release on Kindred), full-on Electro, and other genres, for example, his next EP will be an experiment in Techno.

After the release of his first two EPs, the Los Angeles resident plans to pursue djing to open the door of the music industry further. He will also delve into the technicalities behind sound design and human-music interaction, using his ever-growing knowledge of computer science. Wiley awaits the arrival of summer, when he can dedicate himself to sound and music instead of balancing his personal work with school.